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Cristina Carranco is a talented Maitre d’Sommelier. Ecuadorian by birth and has spent a number of years in Europe. She is trilingual, speaking English, French & her native Spanish. 

She had a bachelor's in Culinary Arts and a Master in Digital Marketing from the University College of Dublin.  Cristina's early love for food and wines granted her an internship at the famous three-star Michelin in Laguiole – France Michel Bras, this rich experience allowed her to later join the  Hotel Lancaster team in Paris and subsequently other Michelin starred restaurants in France and Spain. 

Her curiosity and passion led her to follow wine studies in Alsace - France and consequently move to Hong Kong where she worked as a head sommelier for several years.


Prior to founding CarminK, Cristina worked for renowned french wine guide Bettane & Desseauve ensuring his business development in the Asia Pacific organizing wine events from both off and on-trade consumers.

She was head of the F&B  department from Business France, trade office from the French Consulate in Hong Kong and Macao helping French companies to find local right partners and business opportunities.

Cristina is also tutor/ambassador from the École du Vin de Bordeaux since 2017 .

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Q1 : Why Carmin ? 

"Carmin represents femininity, attention to detail, and a way to express our passion for good things in life. The delicacy and the respect to bring something unique to the market, while helping individuals and companies grow.

In today's world everything needs to be aligned with transparency and care of the other  CarminK represents these values for us." 

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