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Hong Kong has a population of 7.52 million people and it’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting culinary destinations worldwide.  

The city’s gastronomic sphere boasts more than 16,000 Food and Beverage operators and employs over 200,000 people. According to Invest Hong Kong, the city has 95 restaurants with the highly coveted 2021 Michelin Stars, and 11 of the 50 best restaurants in Asia.

In this cosmopolitan city, foodies and lovers of fine wine have the opportunity to taste countless cuisines, wines and drinks from all over the world.

Hong Kong's low-tax, excellent logistics and transportation infrastructure for food supplies make the city attractive to local and international investors.

Even with the recent challenges, Hong Kong’s F&B sector proved to be resilient. Growth opportunities continue to increase. The first quarter of 2021 showed 40 % of restaurants report an increase in income according to Statista.


Chefs, restaurants and gastronomic companies have found digital and innovative ways to face today's challenges, reinventing themselves for the clientele of the future.Digital services such as ordering online, e-Commerce, hybrid food and wine experiences, i-cloud kitchens have grown in recent years and are projected to continue in the same trend.

Please note that when testing products and services with Hong Kong customers, these digital adaptations also create business opportunities to penetrate the coveted Greater Bay Area and Mainland China markets.

You also gain access to clients who have a high level of digital knowledge but they have similar eating habits and cultures.

Hong Kong imports 95% of its food supplies. Caviar from Iran, Quinoa from Peru, pheasant from Pas de Calais and countless other exotic products.


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