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Hong Kong people have always had the travel bug. Hong Kong citizens normally take an average of 4 trips abroad per year, putting them just behind Singapore as Asia’s most frequent travellers.


The Hong Kong outbound market is valuable: it ranked 12th for international tourism expenditure in 2019 globally (US$26.9 billion). The average holidaymaker from Hong Kong to the UK spent 14500 HKD, significantly higher than the all-market average (8200 HKD), and to travel again they are willing to increase this budget up to 20% for a safer journey. 


Currently, the Hong Kong border remains closed due to COVID-19 and so far over half of the population have been vaccinated. Travel-deprived Hong Kong citizens are using innovative ways like staycation, cruisecation, petcation, farmcation and others as an alternative.


After almost two years of being cooped up, everyone's keen to get out there and enjoy themselves. According to Skyscanner, Hong Kong travellers are seeking out memorable and engaging experiences which tap into their passion points and help them connect with a destination on a deeper emotional and personal level, not just passive vacations. 

Despite closed borders, business continues in the city and opportunities abound. CarminK can deliver a comprehensive media & marketing campaign, do sales calls on your behalf, set up staycation packages or organize webinars to develop new products.

We reflect the essence of your travel brand and help you to loom from your competitors.

The prominence of mobile technology as part of the travel research and booking journey will persist. Whether it’s through mobile apps or mobile web, we expect a surge in digital experiences and services (pre-pandemic 70% of booking was online).


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